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Earlier today, Every Time I Die asked a nearly impossible question to answer by making fans pick only three of their releases to keep if they had to and fans choosing their 2016 record Low Teens has a lot of people confused online.

People not in the know about how great the band’s last record was saw the title trending on Twitter and got confused about whether or not it had to do with depressed teenagers amid the coronavirus pandemic or weather patterns.

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The band posed the question to their fans today and because most people picked Low Teens as one of their selections the phrase made its way onto Twitter’s trending terms.

They also had their upcoming new album available as a choice on top of all of their full-length records.

While most posts about the topic were strictly about the three albums fans would choose to keep, others were trying to figure out what weather was in store for them.

Others thought the topic had to do with notable politicians, musicians and others with some of their tendencies to show a creepy interest in young women.

Others thought it literally had to do with depressed teenagers too. While it was very obvious to anyone involved in metal and hardcore why the topic was trending, some people just don’t know who Every Time I Die are and hopefully are changing that today.

ETID frontman Keith Buckley says the band put together “16 of the best songs we’ve ever written” for their new record. It doesn’t have an official release date yet but is expected to arrive this year.

What do you think of Every Time I Die getting Low Teens trending online? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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