Do you think you'd be able to answer if Every Time I Die's vocalist Keith Buckley went to high school with Kelly Clarkson, Ryan Phillippe? Or if host Gwarsenio Hall Googled who Buckley went to high school with to answer this question? If not, you'd be body slammed by guitarist Andy Williams on the latest skit on Two Minutes To Late Night.

Two Minutes to Late Night debuted its unaired sketch on YouTube in June and since then has been posting skits on its YouTube page.

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On the show's website, Two Minutes to Late Night writes “We will continue to release new sketches and segments until someone buys our show, or we get bored. Whichever happens first.”

Buckley also makes an appearance on the show but makes it clear that he doesn't want to be on it. He's also noted by the show as “The Mayor of Warped Tour”

This isn't the first time that Two Minutes To Late Night has featured people from the scene—the unaired pilot featured Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan. If the theme song sounds familiar, that's because it was screamed by From First To Last and the Human Abstract's Travis Richter, who also does the sound mixing for the sketch. Check out the pilot:

This isn't Andy Williams first time body slamming someone, as we've noted in the past. The guitarist also wrestles for Smash Wrestling based out of Toronto, Canada. Williams recently posted a video of him right before his 39th birthday diving off the top turnbuckle onto three opponents. See:

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