can exclusively report that Misser, the side project of Transit's Tim Landers and This Time Next Year's Brad Wiseman, have released their debut EP, Problems. Problems. Problems., on iTunes. Check out an exclusive introductory video about the EP below!

Says Wiseman: “Tim and I started working on these songs a year ago. Leading up to this was a bunch of scattered hangouts and drunken phone calls talking about how awesome it would be to be in a band together. Tim is one of the most talented people I have met, and I am excited for these three songs–and hopefully the more that come.”

The members of Misser will also be releasing new albums with their respective bands: TTNY's Drop Out Of Life is out Sept. 27 via Equal Vision Records (vinyl on No Sleep Records out Nov. 15th), while Transit's Listen & Forgive is out Oct. 4 via Rise Records.

Don't forget that we're streaming a new song from Transit–and also stay tuned for a This Time Next Year song debuting later this week on!