[Photo by: Kent England/YouTube]

We love a good horror movie, but when horror movie happenings occur IRL, we’re not so cool with it. At a castle in the UK, there appears to be a “black monk” lurking in the photo… Although when the picture was taken, there wasn't anything there at all.

We’ll be honest: This photo is definitely not for the faint of heart. Or at least those folks who don’t like horror movies.

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The photo was originally taken by Jon Wickes at Eynsford Castle, located in Kent in the UK, as Bustle explains. Citing Daily Mail, Wickes explains that he took his 12-year-old son to visit the castle since he was studying medieval castles in school.

Naturally, they took lots of photos—and the black figure showed up in one, and it definitely was not there when he took the photo.

“I was quite surprised when I first saw the picture,” Wickes told Daily Mail. “I saw the image with the figure in it and looked on the web. That's when I read about a monk being seen in area. I'm not really sure about that sort of the stuff. I asked a paranormal investigator what he thought and he went down there [last week] to check it out.

“When I showed my son he looked at it and just laughed, but because I was certain that figure hadn't been there when we took the picture, it was worth investigating. When I posted the image online on a paranormal group, there were suggestions that it was just a hole in the wall, but someone has actually gone there to take pictures and confirm that's not the case.”

They report that Wickes enlisted a paranormal investigator, and the expert claims there is “no explanation” for the monk's appearance. However, according to local legend, a black monk has been spotted in the area before…

Yep, we're properly freaked.