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This past June, Facebook introduced a brand-new Lip Sync Live feature allowing users to sing with their favorite songs on Facebook Live. (Surely no one ever asked for this feature.) However, this feature got a huge upgrade today.

Lip Sync Live is posting the lyrics for your live karaoke session on your phone and computer screens. Users will be saved from getting words confused, and it will save their followers from cringing at incorrect lyrics.

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Facebook Live isn’t the only widget having all the fun. The same feature will be ready and available to Facebook Story users. Users even have the chance to add stickers of the song and musician name on their stories.

Unfortunately, not every song is available just yet. As of now, “New Rules” by Dua Lipa, “Better” by Khalid and “Girls Like You” by Maroon 5 are among available tracks. Check out an example (before the lyrics were added) below.

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La nueva herramienta de Facebook Lip Sync Live hará que sus usuarios puedan incluir contendidos musicales en sus videos en directo. Facebook quiere hacer que los contenidos que publican sus usuarios sean más musicales. �Para lograrlo, la red social firmó algunos acuerdos con algunas discográficas para la realización de esta nueva herramienta musical. �¿Cómo funciona? Tras elegir la canción que desean añadir al video, el usuario puede personalizarlo y añadir diferentes características de este. Cuando comienza la grabación, los espectadores del video pueden ver que canción aparece y el artista que la interpreta. Asimismo, la aplicación da la posibilidad de seguir al artista en Facebook con solo pulsar sobre su nombre. #Facebook #LipSyncLive #Entrenimiento

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Facebook is looking into spreading the new feature to well-known artist pages and on international user sites.

Music fans have even more to be excited about with a new profile feature. You can now showcase your music tastes by pinning your favorite song of all time or at the moment at the top of your profile.

This particular feature allows Facebook friends and users to tap on your music section, hear a snippet of the song and visit the musician’s Facebook page.

These features come only weeks after the site’s major data breach. An astounding 30 million users had their information compromised by a hack.

Now, the popular social media site is working with the FBI and detailing what data was stolen and how it happened.

Other Facebook apps such as Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Workplace, Pages and payments were not affected.

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