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Facebook is reportedly working on a special meme feed, and the name will make you laugh out loud.

Or not, who knows.

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After adding lyrics, karaoke-style to Lip Sync Live, creating chat rooms for groups and enabling users to send voice messages, Facebook is testing out a new feature.

Hypebeast reports the social network is working on a special meme feed dedicated to… well, memes. According to the website’s description, the feed will have content such as funny videos and GIFs.

Oh, of course. We almost forgot to mention the feature already has a name: LOL. Yes, like the game, but not the game.

“We are running a small scale test and the concept is in the early stages right now,” a Facebook spokesperson revealed.

More details about the feed are yet to be revealed.

Is a sequel to The Social Network in the works?

Aaron Sorkin recently revealed that there has been back and forth discussion in regards to a sequel to The Social Network. It’s been almost a decade that Sorkin and David Fincher released the Facebook-founding movie, and apparently the time has come for a another.

“I’ve gotten more than one email from him with an article attached saying, ‘Isn’t it time for a sequel?’” Sorkin says.

There have definitely been enough events surrounding Facebook over the last few years to create a sequel. From hacking scandals to the Cambridge Analytica issue, enough Sorkin admits there should be a Social Network 2.

The Social Network hit theaters back in 2010, grossing nearly $225 million globally. Not bad considering the film had a budget of $40 million. The film went on to earn eight Oscar nominations, winning thee of those nominations including Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score, and Best Film Editing.

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