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Facebook is launching a new feature to better explain to users why certain posts are showing up in their New Feeds. It will also allow them to have input on what they see. 

Facebook’s product manager Ramya Sethuraman announced the change in a blog post about the site.

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The new feature is appropriately called “Why am I seeing this post?” It will allow users to better control what they see from friends, Pages and Groups on their feeds. There are also improving the “Why am I seeing this ad? Function to tell people more info about the ads they see daily.

This means you’ll be able to tap on posts and ads in News Feed, get context on why they’re appearing, and take action to further personalize what you see,” the post reads.

The function will also explain what influences the amount and type of content your seeing based on your interaction with posts and the overall popularity of certain content.

Also, with the updated ad content explanations, users will be able to understand why certain advertiser’s are associated with their profile.

“Both of these updates are part of our ongoing investment in giving people more context and control across Facebook. We will continue to listen to your feedback and evolve these features over time,” the post says.

Facebook also put out a video explainer of the new features, which you can watch below.

The new feature will start rolling out this week and all users will have access to it by the middle of May.

Facebook recently came under fire when they left hundreds of millions of user passwords exposed to employees by storing them in plain text.

Recently, both Facebook and Instagram had a massive outage due to a server change. The services were down for 14 hours and caused a frenzy on Twitter.

Additionally, in lighter news, here’s how you can enable “dark mode” on Facebook to live your true emo fantasies even when you’re scrolling through your timeline. Yes, that’s how strong our brand is.

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