It looks like Spotify recommendations will now be an integrated part of Facebook Messenger thanks to intelligent assistant M.

Check out the most recent update to Messenger below!

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Facebook's intelligent assistant M began monitoring certain words used within Messenger conversations earlier this year, allowing for suggestions on things like Uber rides, stickers, and even creating calendar events. In April, Facebook kicked the suggestions up a notch including things like suggestions and even food recipe suggestions from Food Network. The next big addition to Messenger? Spotify M suggestions.

Added just over a week ago, you can now use phrases like “play some music” within a conversation, causing M to suggest: “Find Music.” Tapping the suggestion will open a webview, allowing you to share songs you've recently played, featured songs on Spotify, and even create a group playlist with friends. 


Spotify M on Facebook Messenger


Not a fan of the Spotify M suggestions? Have no fear. You can turn the feature off by tapping your profile icon in the upper-left corner, going to M Settings, and disabling the feature. 

Will you be using Spotify M in your Facebook Messenger conversations? Let us know in the comments below!