[Photo by: Fall Out Boy/Youtube]

Originally, the amazing Fall Out Boy fidget spinners were only given to the top listeners on Spotify, but now the band has begun to sell them, and they even include a digital preorder of M A N I A.

Check out where to buy them below!

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Fall Out Boy announced the sale of these fidget spinners with the most hilarious ad which features a magical Pete Wentz traveling around curing the world's boredom with one light-up Champion fidget spinner at a time. Oh yeah, they even have a Bluetooth speaker.

Check out this ad below.

Pete Wentz called this out a long time ago when he tweeted, “Is there a Fidget spinner with Bluetooth speakers in it yet? Let's get on this before the apocalypse please” and here we are.. That's called making your dreams come true.

You can check pictures and videos of the fidget spinners in action here!

Interested? Of course you are. Purchase the Champion fidget spinner here!

What do you think of the FOB fidget spinner? Are you going to get one? Let us know in the comments.

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