[Photo credit: Fall Out Boy/IsManiaDoneYet.com]

Fall Out Boy’s new album M A N   I   A doesn’t release until January 2018, but that hasn’t stopped anxious fans from checking up on the album obsessively. What if a new song drops? What if there’s news? 

We all want to know when an album is finished too, just in case there’s some kind of event or commentary from the band coming out or something like that. Luckily, Fall Out Boy has us covered, with a very quick reference guide in the form of a special website: IsManiaDoneYet.com

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It’s just as simple as it sounds to see if the album has been finished yet. Step 1: Type the address into your browser. Step 2: Let the page load. Step 3: See if the page says “yes” or “no.” For instance, check it out right now and you’ll see a big fat “no” in white lettering on a purple background. Looks like we’re still waiting. 

But don’t worry. You can still bite into M A N   I   A ahead of release by digging into some of the new songs they’ve been performing on tour or releasing as singles, like this new one that debuted a few days ago: “Expensive Mistake,” or you can buy up some M A N   I   A  gear to get ready for when the big moment happens. 

Let’s check the site again to see if the album’s done. Ready? Okay, click. Nope, still nothing.