[Photo credit: @Philcatcher/Twitter, Fall Out Boy]

Remember when Fall Out Boy posted that to-do list on their Instagram? It included such tasks as “finish recording MANIA” and “give back to Chicago.” There were a few weird items on the list such as “give trophies to fans” where FOB fans actually ended up receiving trophies in the mail. It looks like Fall Out Boy are back at it again, this time crossing off “fidget spinners” from the to-do list by sending out badass fidget spinners to their top Spotify listeners.

Check out the awesome fan surprise below!

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It seems the limited edition MANIA spinners were sent along with a note to fans who were “the chosen ones” and the band's top Spotify listeners. 

And guess what? It lights up!

Fall Out Boy fidget spinners even include bluetooth speakers so you can jam your favorite FOB songs.

Needless to say, fans are excited.

What do you think of Fall out Boy's super-secret fan gifts? Let us know in the comments below!

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