Fall Out Boy postpone album release until next year: “It felt very rushed”

August 3, 2017
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Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump has taken to Twitter to announce that the band's new album, M A  N   I    A, will actually not be released until next year.

“We are pushing the record release date back to January 19th,” Patrick Stump writes. “I didn't mention that. Yeah… pretty big bummer. We had some long talks and a lot to weigh about it all and collectively thought that was best.”

Read his message in full below.

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The band were set to release their new album Sept. 15, with their singles “Champion” and “Young And Menace” getting fans hyped on their new music.

“I know we're supposed to come up with some really exciting story to spin in pull-quotes about how the studio exploded and I ran in to save Pete's bass or something. Or like aliens stole the master tapes,” Patrick said in his Twitter post. “That would be fun for sure but the truth is, we just want the record to be better than we can make it in the next couple weeks and it will require a little more time.”

Read his statement in full here:

Earlier this month, the band debuted a star-studded video for “Champion,” featuring Jaden Smith and co., along with taking to the Late Night With Seth Meyers stage to perform the hit.

When talking about their new album for issue 347, Patrick Stump says this album is going to be different than anything they’ve done before.

“This [record] is the most off-script we’ve gone,” Stump tells AP for the very first story on their new album. “I want to try to invent something, because life’s too short.”  

We wish the band the best of luck as they finish up —we can't wait to hear it, even if it is a few months later than originally expected!

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Written by Maggie Dickman