Fall Out Boy have recently wrapped up the North American leg of their M A  N   I    A tour, and in a new interview, the band open up about their seventh album—and decision to shy away from the emo bands that are starting to play to big crowds again.

“None of the emo bands messed with us,” Patrick Stump tells Rolling Stone. “They hated us. They wouldn't tour with us.”

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And Joe Trohman agrees. “I'm going to sound like a jerk, but we are still doing the band and making records—we are not on a 10-year-anniversary tour,” Trohman says. “We are still an active band. That is not an easy thing to do.”

The band are prepping to release their seventh studio album—M A  N   I    A—and Pete Wentz explains that they passed on an Infinity On High anniversary tour in an effort to avoid getting trapped in the nostalgia “loop.”

“A band like us could get stuck if we did that,” says Wentz. “It's a loop, and we'd be doing it forever.”

And in their hopes to keep pushing forward and looking ahead, the band talk about the struggles they faced putting M A  N   I    A together. Originally set to be released in September, the band pushed the release date back to January because they realized it wasn’t the album they wanted to produce.

“It freaked me out,” Stump tells Rolling Stone. “I was like, 'I don't think this is something the four of us will like, I don't think it's something the label is going to like. It doesn't sound like Fall Out Boy. Oh, God, I can't turn this in.'”

Wentz says the songs were “trying to serve everybody, but they weren't going to be compelling to anybody,” and the band explain that they went back to the studio to produce new songs—saying the rest of the album “wrote itself in a week.”

Fall Out Boy’s new album, M A  N   I    A, is due out January 19.

When talking about their new album for issue 347, Patrick Stump says this album is going to be different than anything they’ve done before.

“This [record] is the most off-script we’ve gone,” Stump tells AP for the very first story on their new album. “I want to try to invent something, because life’s too short.”  

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