In a recent Warped Tour interview with awesome YouTube guy Bryan Stars, Ronnie Radke revealed that Falling In Reverse’s next album will be a “sequel” to Dying Is Your Latest Fashion—the debut full-length from Radke’s original band, Escape The Fate.

When asked about the band’s new album, Radke responded, “It is a sequel to Dying Is Your Latest Fashion, even though I would say in interviews that we would never do that. I like to throw people off.”

He went on, “It’s like Drug In Me Is You, Dying Is Your Latest Fashion, you know. I did say expect the unexpected. Since I came out with a mixtape, [fans] were like, ‘Oh, shit, it’s gonna be all rap.’ But I like to shock people. It’s heavy. It’s really heavy on some parts. And then it’s very nostalgic to people who have been fans for a while, since Escape The Fate.”

You can watch the full interview below. Let us know your thoughts.