Back To The Future
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Woah…this is heavy.

A new survey from the Hollywood Reporter has found that when it comes to movie franchises making a comeback, fans really want to see more adventures from Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown.

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The new poll comes from the Hollywood Reporter/Morning Consult, where they found that the Robert Zemeckis’ fan-favorite trilogy, Back To The Future, is one film series that fans would like to see return.

Between Nov. 8 and Nov. 11, 2,201 adults were reportedly surveyed, and during this time, they found that over half of its participants (71 percent) said that they would like to see Back To The Future come back for a fourth movie.

This means that the trilogy beat out franchises like Toy Story (69 percent), Indiana Jones (68 percent) and Jurassic Park (67 percent) when asked which series fans would most like to see make a comeback.

With the last Back To The Future movie (BTTF 3) released in 1990, and the latest reboot craze of 2018, it wouldn’t necessarily be the craziest idea…plus, it appears that Christopher Lloyd wouldn’t mind reprising his role.

A few months ago, the actor sat with Pheonix New Times, where he talked about the possibility of a fourth Back To The Future film being made.

“Well, I think its a matter of, first of all, it’s important if Bob Zemeckis and Bob Gale are excited about doing another episode [of Back to the Future], I think, really, the most important thing is if they can come up with the right idea. I think that’s the challenge is to come up with something that really is as good as the originals.”

He continued on to say:

“I suppose it could happen. I have not heard that they’re looking for that if they’ve made up their minds … hey, here’s something we could do, and they believed in it then they might get going to do it.”

When asked if he’d be interested in ever participating in a fourth film, Lloyd shared that he’d be “delighted” to reprise the beloved role, as long as it has the right storyline:

“I’d be delighted,” Lloyd shared. “I’d love to be in a fourth film, if they could come up with the right idea that extends the story and does it as well as the first three.”

While we would be beyond stoked to see Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd reprise their roles, we don’t expect it to happen anytime soon.

As ScreenRant pointed out, Robert Zemeckis, the film’s director, recently shared that “there will not be any more Back To The Future [movies.]”