Fearless Vampire Killers release music video for “Maeby”

September 25, 2014
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Fearless Vampire Killers have released a new music video for “Maeby” from their upcoming album Unbreakable Hearts (out November 3 on Goremount Records.)

The video, vocalist/guitarist Kier Kemp says, is a step in refining who FVK are and how they and their music are percieved.

“This kind of music doesn't need to be tacky and outdated,” Kemp told Rock Sound. “You can sound great, look great and still embrace your your inner 'goff.' I think this video has achieved that.” 

Watch “Maeby” below and let us know what you think: Can bands like Fearless Vampire Killers move beyond the stigmas attached to artists who share a similar aesthetic?

Written by Cassie Whitt