felt emo might delete
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Matt Cutshall, the mastermind behind viral video’s “felt emo might delete,” is at it again, this time rewriting an emo parody to Cardi B’s track “Money.”

From shouting out bands such as Underoath and Hawthorne Heights to bragging about wearing his girlfriend’s jeans, Cutshall may have just created the emo anthem we all needed.

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Cutshall’s videos have been shared by people everywhere across social media platforms, reminding us that “emo’s not dead.”

Teaming up once again with his fiancé Arielle Vandenberg, Cutshall puts a new twist on his viral videos with an emo anthem parody set to a Cardi B track.

Produced by Dices, the song pays tribute to girlfriend jeans, black eyeliner, My Chemical Romance, Brendon Urie, Taking Back Sunday, Hot Topic, Vans and so much more. It’s everything our emo little hearts could ever hope for.

You can check out Cutshall’s latest video, “felt emo again might delete…” below.

Emo is most certainly not dead.

For more hilarious “felt emo might delete” videos from Cutshall, check out this list of our favorites. You can also view all of Cutshall’s videos on his YouTube channel, here.

More proof emo is not dead

TwentyNineScene has been good to us, blessing us with the return of Scary Kids Scaring Kids and Go Radio. Now, our worlds are colliding as one YouTuber imagines what it would be like to toss Post Malone in an emo band.

YouTuber Call It Clarity has created a mashup that none of us knew we needed.

Taking Post Malone’s “I Fall Apart” and Hawthorne Heights’ “Ohio Is For Lovers,” the YouTuber created a track that sounds like it could be an actual song.

While we all know Posty was in a metal band (who covered Asking Alexandria) and once auditioned for Crown The Empire, this genre gives his vocals a new spin. If you’ve ever wondered what it would sound like if Posty was in an emo band instead, here’s your answer.

Listen as worlds continue to collide with the “I Fall Apart In Ohio” mashup below.

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