[Photo by: PhoneRadar/YouTube]

In another case of “weird tech no one in the world really needs but we all want to try,” there are now fidget spinners that are also working phones.

Honestly, at this point, we’ve truly seen it all.

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The fidget spinner phone first popped up on Reddit, and while it seems very unnecessary, it is only a mere $20. Sadly, there are probably “regular” fidget spinners that cost more than that.

And while we definitely thought it could be fake, YouTube channel PhoneRadar definitely showed one off IRL, and it’s all too much.

It has a 1-inch screen display, is available in six colors and comes with 32MB of storage, according to Mashable—which is literally nothing at all.

But still, $20 for a phone and fidget spinner in one? It’s at least inventive?

It’s currently unavailable on Amazon, but check back to get your hands on this gem. Just look at it:

Would you ever invest in a fidget spinning cell phone? Sound off below.