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Watch parents react to 5SOS, Twenty One Pilots and Post Malone

Watch parents give their reactions of 5SOS, TOP, and Post Malone!

August 6, 2018
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We love watching parents react to modern music, especially if it’s from our scene, and luckily the Fine Bros. graced us with three of our favorite artists in one video!

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In the Fine Bros’ latest reaction video, the parents were tasked with reacting to the likes of Twenty One Pilots, 5 Seconds Of Summer and Post Malone.

Starting things off in our list, the parents were met with the title track off of 5 Seconds Of Summer’s third album, Youngblood.

The song had a mixed reaction with the parents. While some weren’t “feeling this one,” a few of the reactors recognized just how “catchy and upbeat” the band’s songs are. Either way, most of the parents enjoyed the tunes of 5SOS, and we couldn’t be happier.

Moving to the next one, the parents gave their reactions to Post Malone’s “Better Now.” Thinking the track had a “good groove,” they didn’t seem to mind Posty’s music too much and one even shared that he was her spirit animal.

Lastly, the parents reacted to the great return of Twenty One Pilots by listening to their track “Jumpsuit.” While some weren’t sure who it was (are we hearing things or did a parent guess Panic! At The Disco?!) they mostly liked the duo’s comeback track.

Overall, the parents liked most of the songs, and we couldn’t be happier with the tracks that were reacted to!

Watch the video below!

Twenty One Pilots recently broke their year-long silence by dropping two new songs and music videos. If that wasn’t enough, the duo announced a new album and their return to the stage with the Bandito tour.

5 Seconds Of Summer have also been pretty busy this year. After dropping their highly anticipated third studio album, Youngblood, the band then announced a tour in support of the release.

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