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You heard it right. The U.S. now has its first pizza vending machine, coined as the “Pizza ATM.”

However, instead of vending cash, the Pizza ATM delivers fresh, homemade pizzas to the denizens of Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio—24/7.

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Paline, a European Company, created this wonder (via Circa).

Here's how it works: pizzas are made fresh by the dining hall at the University (which received an award for its food services in 2013). Then, within three minutes, customers are delivered a pizza from the machine.

As you can see in that diagram, the Pizza ATM can take a whopping 70 pizzas at once. The Pizza ATM are also sold to pizzerias, so those businesses can give customers access to their pies 24/7 while simultaneously boosting profit.

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12 in. pies cost between $9 to $10, depending on the toppings. “We were looking for a cost-effective way to solve this problem of having a late-night pizza option on campus,” Xavier Assistant Vice President Jude Kiah tells NBC News. “We liked the idea of being the first school to have this high-quality machine.”

We can only hope that the Pizza ATM will become a widespread phenomenon soon enough.