Well, this is not exactly a headline we thought we’d see. Five people were arrested after throwing an illegal rave at an abandoned Toys “R” Us.

The New York Post explains that the sign read “Raves R Us,” which we have to say is actually kind of amazing.

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However, the attendees never really got to party. As the Hounslow police explain, they disrupted the event before things could even get started.

The event was supposed to take place March 31, but police shut it down, seized the sound system and turned away partygoers.

It’s been sad news for Toys “R” Us, though. The chain announced that their stores will be going out of business, with all its locations to be shut down June 30.

With all these empty Toys “R” Us locations, what else is there to do other than party? We’ll see if any other “Rave R Us” locations open up…