A Flamin’ Hot Cheetos movie is in the works

February 23, 2018
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Yep, you read that right: A Flamin' Hot Cheetos movie is in the works—and it actually has a really good story.

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As Variety reports, the producers are set for the movie Flamin' Hot, which “will tell the true story of Richard Montanez, who rose from humble beginnings to a successful businessman when he created a food phenomenon — Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.”

Fox Searchlight will be bringing the film to life, with multiple studios reportedly vying for the project. Read a synopsis of the story, as shared by Variety, below:

The film follows Montanez, the son of an immigrant, who grew up as a migrant farm worker picking grapes in the fields of Southern California before becoming a janitor at Frito-Lay. It was while working at the company that Montanez came up with the idea to create Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, transforming the Frito-Lay brand into a pop culture phenomenon and disrupting the entire food industry in the process. Now commonly referred to as the Godfather of Multicultural Marketing, it was that initial idea that would spark a billion-dollar brand and catapult him from janitor to elite corporate executive.

And people are pretty stoked to see this movie come to life:

Written by Maggie Dickman