If you're anything like us, you can never keep track of what's coming, what's going and what was even on Netflix in the first place.

Lucky for us, the site Flixable has a pretty impressive database that seems to really know what's up.

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How does it work exactly? It's super easy, and is just like any other search engine. The maine “Browse” page lets you search by movies and TV shows, and under those subheads, you can search by genre, IMDb rating and release year. Once you spot a flick or show you want to watch (or binge), you can see it's ranking, a synopsis and the date it was added to Netflix.

Plus, you can also check out the “Popular” page to see what movies and TV shows are just popping up on the site, and the “Leaving” gives the shows that'll soon be gone along with the date where we'll have to say goodbye.

See how it works below:

flixable home page

And if you want to give the site a try, you can do so here! (We'll be bookmarking it ASAP.)