[Photo by: Brantley Gutierrez]

A list of banned items at a recent Foo Fighters concert in New Zealand is making the rounds, and it's easy to see why: The register of prohibited products is sincerely strange. Check out the bizarre list of banned items below.

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As noted by NME, a photo from Radio Hauraki shows the “Prohibited Items” warning posted at Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand, where Foo Fighters played on Saturday. Obviously, weapons and glass containers are understandable as concert contraband, but the list also counts “unflattering photos of Ryan Seacrest” as a prohibited item for the Foos concert. Super strange—and, also, hilarious!

The weirdness doesn't end there—the bill of banned baubles goes on to list “pirated VHS tapes of Land Of The Lost,” “Creem magazines that do not mention Ted Nugent” and “any mention of Friendster or Webster (starring Emmanuel Lewis)” as objects (and utterances?) forbidden from the gig. Now, wallet chains we understand as a safety concern…but “homemade nut milks”?

Foo Fighters are obviously having some fun at their shows: Late last month, frontman Dave Grohl invited one lucky fan onstage to play “Monkey Wrench” with the band at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia. Not only did 22-year-old Joey McClennan get the chance of a lifetime—performing with the Foos in front of concertgoers—he even got doused with water by Grohl himself.

See the banned items list here:

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