As if we aren’t already anxiously awaiting Foo Fighters’ new record, Concrete And Gold, the band opened up in a recent interview about some of the “weirdest moments” on the record—including a collaboration with Boyz II Men, reports NME.

When asked what the weirdest moment of recording the album, frontman Dave Grohl told BBC 6: “The guy from Boyz II Men walking through the parking lot and me saying ‘Would you sing on our record?’ And he does—on the heaviest song on the entire record.”

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It should come as no surprise, though. Grohl told BBC Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac that their new record is “the hugest thing we’ve ever done.”

He goes on to say: “We have a bunch of guests on the album we haven’t told anybody about, some that will really surprise you. We’ll wait to tell you… But there is one who is probably the biggest pop star in the world, and I’m not kidding. Sings back ups on one of the heaviest songs on the record, and we’re not telling anybody who it is.”

However, it appears to have been confirmed that it’s a Boyz II Men collaboration, and we can’t wait to hear what it sounds like. 

Concrete And Gold is set to be released Sept. 15, and the album's debut single, “Run,” is available to listen to now!

Foo Fighters' last full-length album was 2014's Sonic Highways, and they released their Saint Cecelia EP in 2015.

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