Foo Fighters bring kid onstage to play drums, have hard time getting him to leave

May 9, 2018
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The Foo Fighters have been doing plenty on their latest run to keep things interesting. After adopting a fan onstage, bringing John Travolta onstage and Dave Grohl almost breaking his leg, we can’t say we’re surprised by the latest headlines.

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The band’s latest onstage shenanigan happened during a show at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on Friday (May 4). They invited an adorable 8-year-old kid who goes by the name Little Fonzie onstage to perform one of their songs.

Adorable, right? Well, the cute moment lasted a little longer than expected.

After a few of minutes of his epic drum solo, Grohl commented to the crowd: “He’s still going…Little Fonzie is still going…Can I have my concert back?” Of course, that only egged Little Fonzie on, and the 8-year-old continued his drumming.

Grohl soon decided that calling his dad onto the stage was probably the best answer. He then joked: “I don’t know what to do, what are you going to do…we have a couple more songs.” The boy’s father get's him to stop the performance of his lifetime, but he doesn’t leave the stage without being greeted with deafening applause.

Watch the video below!

What other crazy antics do you think we’ll see come from the Foo Fighters’ as their tour continues? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Beth Casteel

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