As of late, it seems that not a week goes by without Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters making headlines for something awesome, often involving fans. This time, while performing in Edmonton, Alberta on August 12, Grohl and the gang decided to cover one of the country's most beloved acts—the Holy Trinity—Rush. For their rendition of 1981's “Tom Sawyer,” Grohl picked a fan out of the crowd to lend his best Geddy Lee impersonation, but not before giving a playful warning: “Don't fuck it up.”

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The temporary frontman, named Brian, does an admirable job to say the least. The crowd loves it and Grohl and the rest of the band seem to be having a blast while performing with Brian at the helm. Grohl confims his excitement from atop his rock god throne once they finish the song: “Dude! That was fuckin' amazing!” After some banter with Brian regarding his ability to hit the high notes in the song, Grohl adds, “I don't even know how to follow that shit.”

You can watch a few fan-shot videos (from different areas of the venue) below.