YouTube user Chad Fair recently found and uploaded this ancient footage of Underoath opening for Blindside in 1998. As the band technically formed in late ’97, this is very likely one of their first shows.

Most of the songs performed in the high quality video below are from Underoath’s debut LP, Act Of Depression, which hadn't even been released at that point! Well before the arrival of second vocalist Spencer Chamberlain, this lineup featured Dallas Taylor as the frontman.

The rest of the lineup in the video— Luke Morton, Corey Steger, Octavio Fernandez and a very young Aaron Gillespie—features zero members who were in Underoath at the time of its breakup in 2012.

It’s an interesting glimpse at a young band who would go on to release seven albums and leave a massive legacy behind. Check out the footage below, and let us know your thoughts.