Recovery of For Today's stolen trailer and gear led to them helping police bust a drug and weapon ring. Guitarist Sam Penner revealed the story to AP.

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“We once helped the San Antonio police department break up a crime ring,” Penner said. “We basically were in San Antonio, our van and trailer were stolen. We had no clue where anything was – we just kind of woke up, and everything was gone.” Penner tells how a tip led them to find the address where some of their gear was being held. “Within about ten minutes, there was like 10 cop cars that swarmed… they just kind of like showed up and raided this house. Within a few minutes they're pulling out like guitar cabs and drums and all this stuff,” he said. “I guess in his house they said he had stolen machine guns, like multiple machine guns, and drugs. We ended up getting like a quarter of the equipment back, but what was more reqarding was getting a criminal off the streets.”

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