Former For Today vocalist Mattie Montgomery's old band Besieged is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their sole full-length album, Atlantis, with the release of a remastered track from the LP, “INRI.” Check it out below.

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Before Montgomery gained underground renown as the inspirational frontman of For Today, who hung up their spurs last year, the musician performed vocals for the Michigan-based Besieged in 2007. Besieged themselves initially formed in 2004, going on hiatus in 2010.

Atlantis was released by Blood & Ink Records on June 26, 2007—exactly ten years ago. The new version of album cut “INRI” has been remastered by the band's drummer, Josh Schroeder, who's produced records for A Plea For Purging, For The Fallen Dreams and others.

Asked about his one-album stint with Besieged, Montgomery rejects any notion of embarrassment regarding the work, as artists are wont to admit when assessing their earlier material.

“[I'm] totally not embarrassed about this,” says Montgomery. “This album is so much better than the first For Today album. The second too, honestly. [Laughs.]”

Original copies of Besieged's Atlantis CD are available for purchase at Blood & Ink's online store here.

Hear the remastered version of “INRI” right here:

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