Dez Cadena, legendary punk guitarist and former member of both Misfits and Black Flag, has been diagnosed with cancer. A GoFundMe page has been started to raise money to offset Cadena's medical bills.

An official statement has been posted to the fundraising page:

Dez has just finished debilitating radiation treatments, and is confident he will return to active performance again within a year. So Dez has had to take a long break from touring and recording and he had no other income to pay for the quite expensive treatments and doctor's bills. 

We ask you today to donate funds to help Dez's cause, as this friendly man has given so much to the music community, and he is literally a living punk rock legend, having played on some of the classic records of the genre, and remains one of the most beloved members of the scene.

If you are interested in donating to Cadena's cause, his GoFundMe page can be found here. We here at AP extend our regards to Cadena and wish him well on his journey to recovery.