Fortnite Monopoly is about to be a real thing this October
[Photo by: Fortnite/Epic Games]

Fortnite is in its fair share of legal trouble. Rapper BlocBoy JB is now suing Epic Games for their use of his viral “Shoot” dance in Fortnite. According to Hypebeast, the game used BlocBoy JB’s dance moves without crediting the rapper.

Despite not having a legal copyright placed on the dance move, Hypebeast says that BlocBoy JB is responsible for the dance’s popularization.

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However, the rapper’s lawsuit does not come as a surprise. This is not the first time BlocBoy JB has expressed his emotion regarding Fortnite’s use of the dance. Back in September, the rapper took to Twitter to share his thoughts.

You can check out the music video that popularized the dance move in question below.

Additionally, Chance The Rapper backed up 2 Milly, who is also suing Fortnite over their use of the “Milly Rock” after noticing the game was not properly crediting or monetizing black creators.

Epic Games continues their legal battle with other celebrities such as the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air star Alfonso Ribeiro for the game’s use of the famous Carlton dance.

Additionally, Fortnite is being sued by Backpack Kid (aka Russell Horning) over the use of his floss dance move that went viral after Katy Perry’s May 2017 Saturday Night Live performance.

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