Oklahoma's Fossil Youth have premiered a music video for “Intertwined With You,” the title track to their seven-inch EP due out Feb. 3 via Take This To Heart Records. Pre-orders (digital, vinyl, CD) are all available from the label. The band last released a split with Indiana's Wickerwolves and toured across the US with Grey Gordon (No Sleep Records).

Singer and guitarist Scottie Noonan told AP what the song and video represents: 

“It's about the point in one's life where they must decide what is good for them and what must be changed. It's also about the struggle and hardship involved with losing something someone once had so much faith in. We represented this in the song's video with a boy who can't sleep because of a girl and how he finds comfort and the ability to push forward by drawing her late at night. By the end of the video, you will notice we never introduced a girl. We did this to show addiction, something one may lightly experience within a serious relationship by overthinking and endlessly chasing something that cannot be attained. Although someone may think everything is absolutely beautiful, they must also consider the facade they may have created to protect themselves from being alone.”