Fox News apparently can't stop butting heads with rock bands in increasingly cringeworthy ways. This week, the news channel played a song by Texas metalheads Power Trip on the air—and the band aren't having it one bit.

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Let's recap, shall we? Last year, Fox News called the Chili Peppers the “worst band on the planet,” later upping that to “worst band in the universe.” Just recently, the network dissed Radiohead fans, called the English rock group the “poor man's Coldplay” and made a mock infomercial comparing the band's music to head lice. Last month, KISS' Gene Simmons somehow got banned from Fox News headquarters. You couldn't make this stuff up.

At the heart of Fox's ongoing spat with rock bands is Greg Gutfeld, host of The Greg Gutfeld Show and a regular on The Five. He's the gentleman who's prompted most of the silly band beefs you see above, and it looks like he's nowhere near finished: On Wednesday, Power Trip's song “Executioner's Tax (Swing Of The Axe)” was played on The Five, and Gutfeld is reported to have name-dropped the metal band on the show, according to Pitchfork.

Power Trip are evidently not pleased with this use of their music. After a fan on Twitter drew their attention to the Nightmare Logic tune being played on Fox News, the band responded, “Is this a joke?” before letting out an all-caps cease-and-desist tweet. See what else the band said below.

“Let's get something straight,” Power Trip tweeted. “We wouldn't be happy about being played on any major 'news' network, but most especially Fox. If you don't like our stances, don't support our band. It doesn't make a single difference to us… Ultimately, this band is about equality for anyone who's been marginalized by the system—Fox News thrives on that schism.”

Added the band, “We don't relate.”

See the video posted by a Twitter user, alerting the band to their song being played on Fox News, as well as the band's Twitter responses, below.

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