[Photo by: Fox News]

Now that the geniuses over at Fox News have realized their faux beef with Radiohead elicits a huge reaction, it's just never going to end. Watch the “fair and balanced” news channel's new “Radiohead Lice” skit below.

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To recap, music nerds worldwide sharpened their pitchforks earlier this month when Fox News personality Kat Timpf called Radiohead fans “strange, malnourished and sad” on a broadcast of the channel's The Greg Gutfeld Show. As it turns out, Timpf was merely divulging the trifecta of qualities in “the kind of guys that [she] like[s],” who also happen to “always like Radiohead.”

But the damage was done: The show's eponymous blockhead of a host took the idea and ran. “Radiohead [are] the poor man's Coldplay,” Gutfeld said on a later broadcast, seemingly unaware of the ineptitude inherent in his “alternative fact.” “Radiohead [are] a fine band but they stole everything from Coldplay.” (There isn't a universe where this statement makes sense.)

Now, as reported by the NME, Fox News just keeps upping the ante with its frivolous Radiohead hate. In new episodes of the show, Gutfield proposes to “ban Radiohead[’s music] in public places,” and Timpf stars in an absurd, schadenfreude-fueled “comedy” sketch that compares the English rock band's music to head lice. “Radiohead Lice,” get it? We wish we were joking.

Karma Police, arrest these folks.

If you've got the stomach, check out Fox News' cringeworthy “Radiohead Lice” skit and latest on-air Radiohead diss, courtesy of Consquence Of Sound:

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