After covering songs by Jimmy Eat World and Leonard Cohen, Frances Bean Cobain decided to try her hand at performing her own original music last month. 

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The 25-year-old daughter of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and Hole's Courtney Love, Frances Bean has certainly made a name for herself: Whether that be hosting an art exhibit with Lindsey Way or covering some impressive rock songs from some of our favorite bands, she doesn't shy away from showing her creative talents. 

Cobain, who deleted an untitled original song off of her Instagram page last month, has now shared an updated version of the track and we seriously can't wait to her more from the singer. 

“I think I found you when I was small/ I think I found you/ A penny for your good thoughts,” she softly sings the lyrics while strumming along. 

We'd love to hear more of the song and it looks like that might actually happen.

Cobain hinted at plans of turning her covers into a fully realized musical career, following comments she had made at a red carpet event last month where she told a interviewer that she could see herself further pursuing a career in music.

In addition to her comments from last month, she further teased a possible music endeavor when a fan asked if she would ever release a full song, she simply responded with a “oh yes.” 

While there's no official plans of releasing new music, it does appear that it's not out of the realm of possibilities.

Check out the video below: 


not hey there Delilah ������

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