You know when you spot a person wearing a tee from your favorite band and you think, “Wow, I feel like we could be BFFs”?

Well, Frank Iero had a kind of similar moment seeing a person wearing a My Chemical Romance shirt, and his reaction is actually incredible.

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“thought i was gonna be slick and steal this secret selfie with a nice young lady with good taste in t-shirt’s at the local playa bowl… but upon closer inspection it seems i got caught by the nice young lady behind me.”

Iero was “caught creepin,” as he explains. He went in for the innocent selfie, and a bystander caught him in the act. (Come on, that's happened to all of us, right?)

In case you didn't already realize, Frank Iero has some of the best social media accounts—here's proof.

Note to self: Wear MCR merch in public, and you might just end up on Frank Iero's Instagram.

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