Freddy Krueger, A Nightmare on Elm Street
[Photo by: New Line Cinema]

One traveler decided they couldn’t go anywhere without their Freddy Krueger razor glove, and it has topped the list of the craziest things TSA confiscated in 2018.

The iconic glove from A Nightmare on Elm Street was taken from a passenger at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in May.

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Back in May, the TSA initially posted a photo of the glove with a hilarious caption on Instagram.

If you find yourself needing to travel with your razor glove, please pack it in your checked bag,” the caption partially reads.

Then, last week, TSA tweeted a countdown video of the top 10 most unusual items they confiscated.

For example, someone brought an axe with a skull on it, which TSA thought was fitting for the zombie apocalypse. Also, there was a knife in a baby carrier which they thought could only be the work of Chucky from Child’s Play. There was also a crazy giant pair of scissors. Last and not least, one person hid a live snake in a hard drive. We can’t make this stuff up. 

But, the glove took the No. 1 spot. They insured fliers that they were safe from the villain thanks to their work.  

“It’s safe to sleep on Elm Street again… we’ve got this,” the caption reads.

Now, check out the full video below.

 In other Nightmare on Elm Street news, apparently a long-awaited reboot is apparently still happening. However, there is little information about it, but let’s hope it happens soon.

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