Get Nintendo Switch Online free for a year, here’s how

Being a Twitch Prime subscriber just became a lot handier.

March 28, 2019
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Nintendo Switch owners who also subscribe to Twitch Prime can get an excellent deal on the console’s online service right now.

The streaming giant is offering a completely free year of Nintendo Switch Online for free for anyone who’s currently subscribed to the premium service.

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The Nintendo Switch Online deal can be claimed by heading over to the official Twitch Prime website, where you can simply log into your Twitch account and claim the offer. When you’ve signed into your account, one option will be available to give you 3 free months of Nintendo Switch Online for free. If you claim the entire year, you will need to ensure you keep Twitch Prime for 60 days.

If you already have Nintendo Switch Online, you can stack your free months on top of an existing paid subscription. There’s an entire FAQ on the Twitch Prime page all about redemption and the rules that apply to the promotion as well, but it’s pretty straightforward.

Nintendo Switch Online is an important paid service that anyone who wants to go online with the Switch and its wide variety of games must utilize. If you want to play games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Splatoon 2, for example, you need to have this service. Online services used to be free before the Nintendo Switch Online app launched in late 2018, but now it’ll cost you $19.99 per year.

But with all the cool games rotated in and out with the subscription for players to take advantage of, as well as the ability to chat with friends and invite them to games, it’s not too much of a burden. Plus, getting some extra months for free is nothing to sneeze at.

What are some of your current favorite Nintendo Switch titles?

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Written by Brittany Vincent