Is a Funko Pop! movie in the works?

Apparently, some characters are even confirmed already!

January 28, 2019
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Could a Funko Pop! movie be in the works? A new report, including pictures and production dates, suggests it might be the case.

Check out below all we know about the possible production so far.

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So, it seems that Warner Bros. might be working in a movie based on the Funko figures—and some pretty popular ones—according to a report.

Writer Daniel Ritchman shared a series of tweets with information about movies the production company is developing, including another Lego Movie, the Jetsons and a Funko film.

Ritchman first posted a picture of a board with printed sheets of different logos. In the top left corner, there’s a sheet with the Funko logo. Replying to a comment, he also said that all the sheets indicate movies in development.


Plus, the same follower asked what the dates on top of the columns mean.

“Also, are the dates at the tops of the columns saying when they’ll be properly announced or when there will be a first look..or maybe when production begins,” they asked.

Ritchman said it’s when production begins, which means Warner Bros. will likely start working on the feature this year.

The writer continued, posting another tweet with a list of the movie characters that are already confirmed.

“Some characters already confirmed for the Funko movie: Darth Vader, Deadpool, Hellboy, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Care Bears, My Little Pony,” he wrote.

“Also Hello Kitty,” Richtman continued on another tweet.

Warner Bros. still hasn’t confirmed the Funko movie, so information on writers and directors, as well as release date have yet to be confirmed.

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