Chris Carrabba revealed in a recent interview that Further Seems Forever will release a new album this year:

“Speaking of those peers, recently you regrouped with the band Further Seems Forever and released a 7” doing a couple of acoustic retreads from ‘The Moon Is Down’. You also played some live shows together. Was it a difficult transition to go from the lighter sounds of Dashboard Confessional to the more aggressive tone of Further Seems Forever?

It was a transition but it wasn’t difficult. I think we waited until we were ready. So it wasn’t like we decided to do it and then we had to find our way into it. We waited until we felt like that again—that energy kind of creeping into our real lives. So it was kind of natural. It is different, though. I will admit that.

When the public started seeing announcements about Further Seems Forever regrouping there was a lot of speculation that perhaps you all might be producing some new material with your involvement. Is there any merit to that speculation?
Yes. There is merit. It’s safe to say that we will have something this year. We will have a new record out this year.

A full length?

Yeah, we’ll have a full-length out this year.”

Carrabba rejoined FSF in 2010 after originally fronting the band from 1998-2001. They released one record with him as a frontman, 2001's The Moon Is Down. Carrabba went on to find success in the interim with Dashboard Confessional.