Dedicated is an understatement in reference to Twitter user and gamer Wanikun, who kept his Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) plugged in for 20 years simply to preserve his game, reports Nerdist. That’s 180,000 hours, according to Wanikun.

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SNES was titled Super Famicom in Japan. SNES cartridges can save, but they depend on battery that can easily die— and cause you to lose your game.

The game in question was a copy of Umihara Kawase, which is a series of platform games still being released today starring a nineteen year old schoolgirl named Kawase Umihara. Wanikun’s game was a Japan-only release from 1994.

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The only exception in the 20 years was when Wanikun moved. However, he got it plugged again in time to continue saving his game.