New Jersey-based alt/post-rock group Gates have released a video for “Not My Blood” from their debut full-length record, Bloom & Breathe, to be released on October 21, 2014 via Pure Noise Records. Co-produced by Mike Watts (As Tall As Lions, As Cities Burn) and guitarist/vocalist Kevin Dye at Vudu Studios in Port Jefferson, NY, the band will be unveiling more tracks in the coming weeks.

“It was sort of like Mike [Watts] became the sixth member of Gates,” explains guitarist Dan King. “He was really quick with everything and his insight made so much sense. He knew what amp and guitar to use to capture the tone of every part and I think it shows in the recording. It was nice working with someone we completely trusted who could really dissect the music from an outsider's point of view.” 

Pre-orders have launched on MerchNOW and iTunes.

Bloom & Breathe Track List:
1.     Everything That Ever Has Been
2.     Bloom
3.     Persist in Delusion
4.     Not My Blood
5.     Light The First Page
6.     The Thing That Would Save You
7.     Nothing You’ll Miss
8.     At Last the Loneliest of Them
9.     Born Dead
10.   Marrow
11.   Low
12.   Again at the Beginning
13.   Everything That Always Will Be