Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons calling out Postmates will make you reconsider delivery

Simmons and his daughter aren't too pleased with the popular food delivery service.

May 19, 2020
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Due to coronavirus, many of us are currently under mandated quarantine in our homes. Since these lockdowns began, food delivery services have seen a surge in demand as many restaurants only remain open for takeaway and deliveries. However, the delivery service Postmates is now facing some backlash on Twitter from Gene Simmons and his daughter Sophie Tweed-Simmons.

This week, the KISS member and his daughter took to social media to address some of the service issues they have had with Postmates.

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Since the pandemic began, food delivery services have been working overtime to accommodate the surge in orders. Companies such as Grubhub, Postmates and Uber Eats have all seen an increase in orders over the past few months. Although business has been booming for a lot of these services, some have recently faced backlash for a number of reasons.

This week, Chuck E. Cheese came under fire for changing their name on delivery apps. The name change caused a lot of backlash from customers using these apps as they felt misled about what food they were actually ordering.

Now, Simmons and his daughter are shedding light on their recent experiences with Postmates. It all started back in February when Sophie tweeted that she witnessed her Postmates driver eating the food she had paid for.

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“Hey @Postmates_help,” Sophie says. “Yesterday I caught my @Postmates eating out of my food in his car, no fork, face right in the bowl and he did apologize after being caught but….lol halp? (I know there are bigger problems in the world right now but still).”

Following this altercation, Postmates did respond to the tweet and apologized for what happened.

“Hi! Totally not cool,” Postmates tweets. “Please send us a DM with your account email address so that we can take care of this for you, and ensure that the Postmate is handled appropriately.”

After this, Sophie gave no update on how the issue was resolved, and things seemingly resumed back to normal. However, on May 19, Sophie tweeted again about a bad experience she had with the food delivery service.

This time, she shared that the essential groceries she ordered for herself and neighbor never arrived after being paid for. As well, she revealed that her February delivery problem was never resolved.

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“I hate doing this, but this is the second time Postmates hasn’t helped me with a troubling issue,” Sophie tweets. “First time below…second time now they never delivered the essential groceries we ordered for myself and a neighbor….lame @Postmates trying to limit going out during pandemic.”

With social distancing and quarantine restrictions in place, many individuals are using these food delivery apps to do essential grocery shopping. This is an especially important service for those who are at high risk of catching coronavirus.

Following her tweet, Postmate’s support Twitter account quickly responded to Sophie regarding the issue with her order.

“Hey there,” Postmates tweets. “We would be happy to check into that issue for you. Send us a DM and we will get it figured out!”

Despite this, however, Simmons decided to get involved and reach out to his nearly 900,000 Twitter followers.

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“Anyone else have this problem with Postmates,” Simmions tweets. “(Delivery person eating some of the food you ordered for it gets to you.)?..Postmates, would you like to comment about this?”

Following this tweet, Simmons quickly shared an update with his Twitter followers that Postmates refused to refund Sophie the $120 order she made in February after her delivery driver reportedly ate some of the food.

“To add insult to injury, #POSTMATES refused to refund the $120.00 cost of the half eaten food to Sophie, my daughter,” Simmons tweets. “This is not over. Waiting for Postmates to comment.”

Again, the Postmates support account was quick to respond to Simmons’ tweet.

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“Hi Gene,” Postmates says. “We’re truly sorry for the disappointing experience. We want to check into this ASAP! Could you DM the account email address?”

However, this didn’t stop Simmons from slamming the delivery service even more. The musician posted a thread of Postmates reviews to further prove his frustration towards the service. On the review site Trustpilot, Postmates currently holds a 1-star rating out of nearly 1,500 reviews from customers.

On the review site, most customers have complained about similar issues Simmons and Sophie have faced. Customers describe experiences of paying for food and having it not be delivered, not receiving refunds from the service and more.

Fortunately enough, Sophie managed to take this rather negative experience and turn it into something good. Following the complaints made by both Sophie and Simmons, Postmates refunded Sophie and she made the decision to donate the money to Feeding America. Feeding Amercia‘s main goal is to end hunger in America and is greatly helping individuals impacted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“Yah @Postmates finally reached out to help,” Sophie tweets. “Thanks everyone for your help and advice as well. I donated the money they refunded me to Feeding America, thanks for following up.”

Have you had a bad experience using a food delivery service? Let us know in the comments below.

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Written by Rachael Dowd