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Genius catches Google stealing lyrics by planting morse code message

Google denied the accusations.

June 16, 2019
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Lyric website Genius said it used morse code to collect data that shows Google stole lyrics from the site.

In a new report by the Wall Street Journal, readers can clearly see that in 2016, Genius made some changes to the punctuation in its lyrics. It switched from using a straight apostrophe and to a curly one.

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Genius did that because when “the two types of apostrophes were converted to the dots and dashes used in Morse code, they spelled out the words ‘Red Handed.'”

And that’s how the lyric website caught the internet giant, well, red-handed.

Google has denied the accusations, saying that the lyrics that show up in “information panels” are from licensed partners. However, Genius claims it caught Google stealing its content more than 100 times.

In other Genius news, a few weeks ago, Hayley Williams took to Twitter to address Spotify in regards to an issue with that band’s track “Hard Times.” According to the Paramore vocalist, the “Behind The Lyrics” facts used during the track are “outdated” and the band’s management have been attempting to get the so-called facts removed for about a year now.

If you’re unfamiliar with Spotify, at the bottom of select songs you’ll have the option to go “Behind The Lyrics” via the digital media company Genius.

While the track is playing, listeners can see “lyrics, fun facts, and artist stories.” However, there have been more than a few occasions where the “facts” listed are incorrect or just plain weird.

If you’ve ever stopped dancing to “Hard Times” long enough to pay attention to Genius’ “fun facts” scrolling during the track, then you’ve probably realized they’re not so fun. According to Williams, they’re also “lies” and “outdated.”

The Paramore vocalist took to Twitter in an attempt to make Spotify aware of the issue.

“@Spotify hi. for about a yr now my band’s mgmt has tried get yall to take down some… outdated… facts on behind the lyrics for our song ‘Hard Times’. the facts are: it’s all embarrassing & there was no ‘bright side’… hence the title, Hard Times. thank you & goodnight.”

Shortly after she added:

“i love spotify i just dont want folx subjected to some lies while listenin to the truest & purist of pmore albums.”


When one fan asked if it really was “the Hayley” back on Twitter, she elaborated a little more.

“it’s really me and i’m still confused about how i feel about it… if @genius would just fix the Behind The Lyrics for “Hard Times” on @Spotify then my coming back to twitter will feel completely justified.”

What do you think about Genius and its findings? Sound off in the comments below!

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Written by Alex Darus