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Thursday vocalist Geoff Rickly is a man of many talents. Apart from awesome side projects like United Nations and No Devotion, he's also a coffee connoisseur. Now, Rickly is funneling his love for java into a new, monthly feature for culinary website Food. Curated. called “Coffee. Curated.”

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On Wednesday, Food. Curated. founder Liza De Guia introduced Rickly as the site's new coffee writer and bean critic in a post on Twitter. We never thought in a million years that we'd see post-hardcore icon Rickly called a “bean critic,” but we must say, we're beyond stoked at the perky, fresh-brewed prospect!

“This is my first article on coffee and already some of you will denounce me for it,” writes Rickly in his first column, joking about reviewing Starbucks in a specialty coffee article. “Starbucks. That’s right. The Deathstar itself.”

Of course, Rickly goes on to evaluate gourmet roasts from places like Coutume Cafe and Nobletree Coffee, all as part of the recent New York Coffee Festival, which took place Oct. 13-15 at Manhattan's Metropolitan Pavilion.

Still, the specter of Starbucks—the McDonald's of coffee places—looms large. “The shadow of Starbucks' sponsorial presence hung over the proceedings as subtly as the Deathstar over Alderaan,” Rickly reports of the festival. “Indeed, its booth was the largest, having all the sexy curved black lines one would expect from a Deathstar redesigned for a mustachioed steampunk hipster.”

Well, hey, the dude can write! And, you know, we love coffee—who doesn't? So color us tickled that we get to read about Rickly's fave beans and blends. As for the NY Coffee Festival, it seems Rickly may have got a bit overstimulated.

“There was a lot to see and way too much to taste,” Rickly says. “I hit my upper limit of teeth-grindingly over caffeinated at about 15 minutes into being there.”

That's a damn fine cup of joe.

We can't wait to see what coffees Rickly reviews next!

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