My Chemical Romance members may be spotted together and they may be asked time and time again if the band have plans for a reunion. In an interview, Gerard Way opened up about the band’s 2010 album Danger Days and what it felt like when the band decided it’d be best to split up—not to mention, he talks more about those reunion rumors.

“Everybody’s got an opinion, no one gets left alone anymore, and it stopped being about the art,” Gerard Way tells iNews about the Danger Days era.

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Way explains that they knew it’d be hard—if not impossible—to top the response they received from The Black Parade when they headed into Danger Days, and it took a toll on the band.

“It was tough on all the guys. We scrapped records, spent millions of dollars and we were touring on this record, and it didn’t feel like the world needed My Chem anymore,” Way says.

And that’s because American culture was changing. When the band was initially starting out, there was the “Bush administration, wars for oil, and all this stuff,” making counterculture a trend people were on board with.

But when Danger Days was released, things were going well, making them wonder if continuing the band was even worth it.

“I’m able to read the writing on the wall pretty clearly, and I was like, ‘Nobody really needs us now—I think it’s time to finish,” Way says.

And since the band's finish, Way has kept busy, and he doesn't want that to stop. He says that he’s hoping to write a book and secure other future projects, but things have changed for him. It’s no longer about “achieving things, or awards, or accolades,” none of which are interesting to him. For Way, he just wants to have a great time doing whatever it is he decides to do.

And will that be a My Chemical Romance reunion? While we’d all love that, it doesn’t seem like there’ll be a My Chemical Romance return any time soon—not that we were necessarily expecting one either.

“It’s a tricky thing, because you have four guys that really get along, and I think we all fully understand each other now and love each other,” Way says. 

“We all got together recently and it was wonderful—we didn’t even talk about the band or playing shows again. I don’t know if anything will happen in the future, but what I do know is everyone has a really great life right now.”

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But that doesn’t mean every possibility for a reunion is off the table.

“I think My Chem will always be there for us if we want it, but it adds a layer of stress,” Way explains. “When something gets really big like that, it’s hard on you for many reasons, and it’s very stressful, so I wouldn’t want to disrupt anybody’s life right now.”

We just hope Way continues doing what he loves—and if that’s a My Chem reunion, we’ll be ready.