Get a sneak peek at Gerard Way's first solo music video with the photos he posted from the set of the “No Shows” shoot. 

Yesterday, Way began filming the debut music video from his upcoming album Hesitant Alien.

Good morning!” he began his day with his usual tweet and added, “Video shoot today- butterflies.” Later, he was kind enough to give fans a glimpse into the process via a couple photos, which you can view below, shared on his Instagram.

The “No Shows” video itself is set to debut August 19 along with pre-orders for the album.

Shortly after that, Way will head to the U.K. for his debut solo shows at Reading and Leeds Festivals on August 22 and 23, respectively.

Caption: “Sweet as battery #NoShows”
In other video news from the former members of My Chemical Romance: Frank Iero launch his own debut music video this week. You can watch Frnkiero Andthe Cellabration's Pet Sematary-inspired clip for “Weighted” now.