Gerard Way's Umbrella Academy

[Photo by: Facebook]

Fans of Gerard Way's Umbrella Academy, it’s true: Way announced that the series will be headed to Netflix.

“It's really happening!” Way posted to Facebook, and we’re incredibly excited.

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Last week, it was rumored that the series would be making its way to Netflix, with the statement saying “The Umbrella Academy will be hitting Netflix” and that Gerard Way “is definitely involved in the project.” 

According to Deadline, Netflix has given the series a 10-episode, live action series, slated for a 2018 debut.

“I am thrilled that The Umbrella Academy has found a home at Netflix,” Way said, Deadline reports. “I couldn’t think of a better place for the vision Gabriel Bá and myself had when creating the comic and cannot wait for people to experience that world as a live-action show.”

Not much more has been released about who will be taking part in the Netflix series, but Way did share an incredible poster that is getting us plenty excited:

How excited are you for the Umbrella Academy to come to Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!