Get Scared
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Get Scared formally announced their hiatus back in January. Even though they’re taking a break, they have just released their album The Dead Days.

The band previously shared a very-personal video and Instagram post explaining the hiatus.

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“We have decided to take a hiatus for the time being,” the band say in an Instagram post. “We love each and every one of you amazing fans so much!!! Also no worries we will still be releasing our new album #The Dead Days but for now it will be put on hold.”


The post then urges fans to check out a YouTube video made by guitarist Johnny “Johnny B” Braddock.

The video details the struggles that the band has been facing over the past year. After noticing that frontman Nicholas Matthews was using heroin, the band ultimately decided to put the project on hold.

“Something like that with recovery, it’s always unpredictable, so how are you really supposed to know,” Johnny B says. “It was in the band’s best interest to just not do the tour and hold off and just release the album and just have internet flow and communicate with fans, but — you know, just lay back on doing anything like that.”

“I think as far as right now, everyone is kind of on the same page of like, ‘Let’s just take a break from all of this headache and all this stress,’” Johnny B continues. “Because being in a band is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be exciting. And it has turned into this burden of arguing and uncertainty and so many other things. I think sometimes the best way to recover from something is to give it a break.”

You can watch the full video explaining the band’s hiatus below.

Now The Dead Days is here, and you can purchase a copy of that here.

“The album is about coming to terms with death,” said guitarist Johnny Braddock of the album. “You grow up and one day realize it’s a reality for everybody.”

You can check out the full tracklist below

The Dead Days

  1. “Bad Things”
  2. “Deceiver”
  3. “Enough Is Enough”
  4. “Hell Is Where The Heart Is”
  5. “Give Up My Ghost”
  6. “Calling All Crows”
  7. “The Dead Days”
  8. “Like It Or Not”
  9. “Silence”
  10. “Time Keeps Running”
  11. “Goodbye Soul”

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